Finance Department

Finance maintains the fiscal integrity of the Taos Municipal School District and provides financial leadership to the Board of Education

Finance maintains the fiscal integrity of the Taos Municipal Schools and provides financial leadership to the Taos Municipal Schools Board of Education according to state and federal legislation, government regulations, Board policies, and sound financial practices. We develop and manage TMS annual operating and capital budgets and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, prepare long-term financial projections, secure both short-term and long-term resources to provide adequate liquidity, and provide data, information, analysis, knowledge and methods for our leaders to anticipate and respond effectively to the challenges facing Taos Municipal Schools.

Finance Department Mission

To record, analyze, monitor, manage, and maintain the schools financial resources in a sound and efficient manner, and to report on this financial activity in an accurate and timely manner. Goals and Objectives To provide excellent customer service to internal and external customers To continually strive for accurate meter readings and account billings To provide Management, Agencies, School Board Members, and Auditors with accurate, reliable information To keep up with new technology to accommodate the schools growth and future requirements To comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to financial administration and GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) To comply with grant award requirements and reporting To prepare timely check runs for vendor payments To prepare timely payroll runs for City employees To assist, train, and monitor that proper Procurement guidelines are followed for City purchases Description & Summary of Services The Finance Department provides a wide range of services to both internal and external customers and its employees. A summary of functions and services follows. Administrative Services Division Oversees department divisions Prepares Yearly Budgets Prepares Monthly, Quarterly, and End-of-Year Closing Prepares Quarterly and Yearly Reports Manages Investments Prepares other daily and monthly routines to keep Internal Control requirements in place Purchasing, Capital Assets Manages Vendor Information Manages and prepares Bid Proposals, Quotes, and Contracts Maintains schools Capital Assets Accounts Payable Prepares weekly vendor checks Payroll Manages Biweekly Schools1 Payrolls Maintains Employee Payroll Requests (Direct Deposit, Utility Payment, etc) and related files Prepares End-of-Year W-2 and 1099 forms Prepares Gross Receipts Monthly reporting

Strategy To Support

Spearheading Taos Municipal Schools financial strategy to support effective budget planning

Maximizing Funds

Maximizing available funds. Providing timely and accurate financial reporting

Equitable Distribution

Ensuring an equitable distribution of resources to support student success based on the district vision

Supporting The Needs

Supporting the needs of students, families, staff, and community partners in interactions and communication with internal and external stakeholders

Efficient Financial Systems

Developing and utilizing efficient financial systems

Analyzing Budget

Monitoring and analyzing budgetary activity Schools financial strategy to support effective budget planning

Vendor Registry

We have a new registration system powered by Vendor Registry. The system allows you to quickly register and update details such as what products and services you provide as well as your contact information. This will enable us and Vendor Registry to notify you of important bid opportunities in the future.

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Finance Staff Members

June Segura

June Segura

Benefits/ Financial Specialist

Nicole Cardenas

Nicole Cardenas

Accounts Payables/ Financial Specialist

Tanya Maestas

Tanya Maestas

Finance Director