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​​​​​​Superintendent Dr. Lillian Torrez

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​Superintendent's Message

The work we are undertaking together has been an extraordinary journey. In many respects, the board of education, this community and so many others care deeply about our children's education and have embarked on this journey with us. So many parents and so many people in various walks of life in Taos have all talked about this in one form or another, and are committed to participate in the improvement of all schools in our district. Together we have begun the journey of focusing on student learning and academic achievement of all students to equip them with the skills and character necessary to work productively in society.

First semester, all of us together:

·Survived a million dollar deficit
·Began a Five-Year Strategic Plan that will be complete within the next three months
·Held two school board retreats
·Adopted sixty additional board policies to be fully up-to-date
·Were released of corrective action for non-compliance of special education by NMPED
·Were released of corrective action by NMPED for our program at the Taos Juvenile Detention Center
·Analyzed our budget to diminish unnecessary expenses
·Initiated budget forecasting
·Performed safety assessments at all schools
·Held district-wide Active Shooter Training
·Hosted the 2-day IDEA Region Session
·Hosted the NMSBA (New Mexico School Board Association) Region meeting; reduced legal costs by 90%
·Completed twelve million dollar capital projects at all schools; applied for several grants and received funding for two
·Attended many professional development opportunities focusing on student instruction and increased achievement (best practices) such as data disaggregation, Instruction through the Common Core, etc.
·Created a new school website
·Revitalized the high school cafeteria for increased revenue in food service
·Established a collective bargaining agreement
·Increased National Teacher Board Certification candidates to 17, and so much more.

All of these accomplishments are significant and are forming the foundation for a solid focus on student learning. This semester we will continue the strategic improvement in our financial solvency, facilities and maintenance, food services, and most importantly, our curriculum and instruction to students. I believe that if we continue our hard work this school year, we will be set for significant improvements in student achievement.

I am very thankful to all the staff, teachers, administrators, students, parents, community members, elected officials and our business partners for their commitment, dedication and passion to work endless hours and go above and beyond, giving of their time, skills, money, materials and whatever was asked of them. They've never said, "no". Instead, they have given more. Together we are making a difference!

 -Dr. Torrez